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Wire Closet System Fix

Too much rod space and not enough shelves.

Not long after starting my professional organizing business, I found time and time again that clients not only needed help getting organized, but they needed a whole new system to get it done.

Whether it's a simple shelf with one rod or a wire system installed in a new build - both systems have missed the mark. Here are two basic design features EVERY closet should incorporate:

1. Long and Short Hang Rod Storage. For a closet to truly...

closet jewelry storage

At some point, everyone finds themselves in their closet amongst a pile of clothes praying they find something suitable to wear so they aren’t late for work or their cousin's baby shower. Getting ready can and should be an enjoyable experience each day. As experts in organizing and closet design, we have helped countless clients redefine their space and make their dream closet a reality - these are the top 3 things our customers have said to justify the investment:


home organization service

Hiring a professional home organization service is hands down the easiest, fastest way to get your home organized. It is also one of the most sustainable options for keeping it that way. A professional home organization service has the experience to organize your home to save you time and stress. Here are three signs that you need this type of service.

1. You Want To Be Organized But You Can't Find the Time

Time is a tremendous factor when it comes to organizing. Of course, you lose quite a bit more time by not...

professional organizing service

Hiring a professional organizing service is the best way to get your home quickly organized in a way that's sustainable and functional.

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A garage is a special place in any home because of its versatility. It can be a man cave or a place to paint or play music. When your garage becomes cluttered, finding things you need can then become challenging. It can also become difficult to park your car because of insufficient space. However, you can take action to ensure your garage is organized. There are ways you can add storage to the garage, including custom designs, adding value and freeing up some space so a car can fit. Here are some ways that our custom closet design strategy...


A custom closet is a great way to save time and money. According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, looking for misplaced or lost items in our homes accounts for approximately one year of our lives, equivalent to 8,700 hours. A custom closet will allow you to save space in your house or apartment. You can place all your clothes in one place and then use them when needed. Here are reasons why having a custom closet is worth considering.

Easy Access

Custom closets give you plenty of space for all your clothes while...


Are you getting the most out of your closet space? If you are like most Americans, the answer may be no. Standard closets in most homes are not designed for function and efficient storage. Closet design services can change all of that. Learn about the three key benefits of custom closet design.

Clutter Is the Enemy

Cleaning up the clutter in your home requires having the proper closet spaces to store everything. Yes, all the experts agree that if you reduce your clutter, you may experience less stress and greater...

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