Wire Closet System Fix

The #1 Problem with Closets

Too much rod space and not enough shelves.

Not long after starting my professional organizing business, I found time and time again that clients not only needed help getting organized, but they needed a whole new system to get it done.

Whether it's a simple shelf with one rod or a wire system installed in a new build - both systems have missed the mark. Here are two basic design features EVERY closet should incorporate:

1. Long and Short Hang Rod Storage. For a closet to truly function well, we need to include a combination of long and short hang to utilize vertical wall space. NO closet should ever have one shelf and one rod.

2. Adjustable Shelves. Yep, people need to be able to move those shelves around. The space for shoes is a lot less than what you'd need for folded sweaters. Our clients need the flexibility to add shelves for more shoe storage and so should you!

The designers at The Space Defined are all about creating functional storage that works now for clients AND offers flexibility as their needs change. Let us help you transform your space and set you up for success!

Melamine closet systems are beautiful and functional.