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3 Benefits of a Custom Closet

At some point, everyone finds themselves in their closet amongst a pile of clothes praying they find something suitable to wear so they aren’t late for work or their cousin's baby shower. Getting ready can and should be an enjoyable experience each day. As experts in organizing and closet design, we have helped countless clients redefine their space and make their dream closet a reality - these are the top 3 things our customers have said to justify the investment:

1. They are Beautiful

With custom color options and storage upgrades, closet aesthetics have really improved in the last 5 years. Integrated lighting, glass cabinet doors, specialty organizers for shoes and jewelry displays have elevated the way people store their clothes. In fact, closet design has become an extension of interior design. People want these storage spaces to be beautiful and showcase not only their taste in fashion but reflect their personality as well.

2. Maximize Space

100% of closets we redesign had wasted space and underutilized potential. A custom closet design ensures you have adequate shelf and rod storage by maximizing floor to ceiling and wall to wall space.

3. Built to Last

Custom closets use high-end, quality materials made to withstand the weight and wear and tear that comes with closet storage. Not your forever home? Another added bonus – custom closets have resale value - they help sell your home faster and for more money.

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