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How to Save Your Garage From Clutter

A garage is a special place in any home because of its versatility. It can be a man cave or a place to paint or play music. When your garage becomes cluttered, finding things you need can then become challenging. It can also become difficult to park your car because of insufficient space. However, you can take action to ensure your garage is organized. There are ways you can add storage to the garage, including custom designs, adding value and freeing up some space so a car can fit. Here are some ways that our custom closet design strategy can apply to your garage as well and save you from clutter.

Install Cabinets

Every home needs deep storage for sports equipment, camping gear, seasonal toys, landscaping tools, and miscellany. You can install cabinetry in your garage to ensure it is spacious, so these items do not stay on the floor. It is an inexpensive and easy process, too! The best part is that you can customize it however you like. Custom cabinets can be installed and mounted on the wall if the floor is occupied by your car and bike. You can also add wood grain finishes to enhance the appearance of the overall interior.

Wall Space

Most people tend to forget that you can take advantage of the wall spaces by designing a system that can be used for storage. In your garage, you can install a fusion track wall system, which can be used to hang garden equipment, tennis racks, bicycles, rakes, and more. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about 25% of individuals with two-vehicle garages could not access them due to the things stored there. This is a creative way to clear the floor and create more space for your cars.

Garage Baskets

You may use tools often, too, and the best way to store them is by keeping them in garage baskets. This is the same strategy we recommend with our custom closet design process! Items that fit right into baskets could include sports balls, equipment, shoes, and shopping bags. You can also store gently used possessions that you do not want to display indoors but cannot bear to part with. Garage baskets can be bought from various stores at an affordable price, and you should ensure the quality is excellent before you purchase.

Free Up Space for Your Hobbies

Once again, garages can be extremely versatile. You can install a workbench if you want to use your garage as a workspace for your favorite hobbies. This is a great idea for people who paint or do DIY crafts or simply want an independent space, as work counters could support creativity and productivity. With the extra space around, you can work in a conducive environment.

When you feel like decluttering your garage is challenging, you can get help from contractors who major in this sector. You can also seek professional assistance from the nearest companies in your region. Before you hire anyone or a company, ensure they are reputable and experienced for you to get the best results in your garage. Call The Space Defined today to learn more about our strategies in custom closet design and garage decluttering.