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Productive and Organized Part 2: Morning and Night Routines

Aaaaah! Of all the posts in this series, this is the one I have been dreading the most! It’s so silly because these Morning and Night Routines are the BOMB! But I feel like it’s the one I might get the most push back on and criticism of, so, I’ve been dragging my feet… If you haven’t had a chance to look at part one, you should head on over and take a look at that real quick. I talked about how to draft a VERY basic and rough, daily schedule. This was super simple – we were only identifying chunks of time devoted to things that we do daily (like school, work, eating, sleeping, morning and night routines) and free gaps of time in between these daily tasks that I call “activity blocks” (grocery shopping, errands, administrative needs related to your home, cleaning and anything that isn’t done DAILY are what fill these “activity blocks”). These activity blocks change from day to day and we will cover that in more detail later in part 3. I have a feeling that blog post will be a lot more fun to talk about because there is a little more freedom and flexibility (which you free spirits will love). BUT, in this post, we are going to break down the morning and night routines. I said this in part 1, and I’m gonna say it again because I really want you to get this… Morning and Night Routines ARE the hidden secret to keeping your household running. So, whether you like the idea or not, hang with me, and let’s unpack what these routines are.

Morning and Night Routine Facts:

-They are things you do EVERY DAY.

-They are written as a list or check list that you can reference.

- They are specific and detailed – meaning, you list them out in full. You don’t just say “get ready” you say “wash face, makeup on, fix hair, get dressed.”

-A good night routine sets you up for success in the morning.

-Items on your night routine can be completed earlier in the day (setting the coffee for example…).

-YOU get to choose what is part of YOUR routine.

-Morning and Night Routines can be broken up and completed by other members of the family. Because it’s written down, anyone can jump in and pick up the slack to keep the household running and moving forward.

-When you have good routines, skipping a few days or even a week due to travel or illness will not put you too far behind.

Intrigued? Doesn’t sound as bad as you thought, does it? Because a good night routine sets you up for morning success, let’s work backwards and talk about that first. To help you make your nightly routine, I want you to think about the things that need to get done to “put your house to bed” at night while ALSO thinking about what you can do to give yourself a head start on your day tomorrow. Go ahead and print off my Morning and Night Routine printable (can also be found at the bottom) and follow along. If an idea works for you, write it down. Do not worry! This is a draft and you can (and will) be tweaking it over the next week as you try it out.

If you have children, you can also incorporate a night routine for them. This is actually what we do with our kids. I’ve also included the time it takes. Because we do it nightly, it doesn’t take much time:

A little honesty here; there are some nights I just. can’t. get. it. together. Sometimes I have to grant myself a little grace and slack off… but on other nights, if I can give myself a little pep talk, pull myself together, get the family to help where they can and JUST GET IT DONE, I know I’ll thank myself 100 times over come morning and I know you will too, I promise!

Now that we’ve set ourselves up for success by having a good night routine, let’s brainstorm a little about our morning routine. Here are some ideas:

My kiddos also have their own morning routine:

Okay, so this blog wasn’t as painful as I thought. Most of this stuff you probably already do, only maybe with a little more awareness and intention now...?? What I love about these morning/night routines, and what I hope you will begin to realize, is that when you do these things every day, you spend less time actually managing your things. Let’s look at our bathroom cleaning routine so you can see what I mean by this… when you wipe down your bathroom sink and counter tops, swish your toilet and sweep the floors every day, it takes max 5 minutes – and those things are always clean. So… when you are ready to clean your house once a week and you get to your bathroom, you really only add in the things you don’t normally do every day (like mop the floor and wipe down the shower and bath). A cleaning task that used to take me a good hour now takes me 15-20 min. Whether you are buying into this idea of morning and night routines, I really do hope you will try it.

Go ahead and print off my blank printable to get you started. Put a copy of your routines on your bathroom sink and one on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door- you will need a copy to look at (and check off items) as you start implementing these routines. It is so important to make sure everyone can see and know what the morning and night routines are so everyone can jump in and help where needed. Be patient with yourself and don’t get so hung up on getting it perfectly right every day - grant yourself (and your family) some grace. It takes 21 days to build a habit, and that absolutely includes any habitual task like a morning and night routine. Remember, you get to pick and choose what goes on your list and you can make it as detailed (or not) as you want. Give it a shot for a week or two and see if it helps you stay on top of things.

Printables - Click her for the PDF of the Picture to Print

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