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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020

Updated: May 7, 2020

Mother's Day is coming up, like soon! And I know there are some pretty amazing mommas out there we'd all like to shower with a lot of love and appreciation. To get you going, I’ve put together a list of gift ideas that not only check the box on organization, but also allow for a little personalization. With not much time to spare, let’s get shopping!

1. For The Gardener

A carry tote full of gardening tools is the perfect gift for any avid gardener.Not only are your tools organized but they are with you when you need them the most… no need to run back to the shed for those pruners. Personalize this option with new garden gloves or replace some worn tools for some new matching ones or, perhaps gift a flat of flowers to get her garden growing.You could really have fun with this one. I love this one from Amazon.

2. For the Photographer


Any Proud Mom or Grandma

Hands down, this is one of my favorites and a sure winner for the mom in your life. What makes Chatbooks unique is how user friendly their App is - allowing for super easy uploads of your favorite pictures right from your phone or social media account. These are beautifully printed and so incredibly easy to make. Download the app, select what book you want to make, upload pictures from your phone or link to your Instagram account and gift her a book of beautiful pictures and memories. I was given the book subscription - after adding 60 pictures, the book prints and ships - and I promise you, nothing is more fun for the whole family than flipping through these picture books together. Step up your gift with an optional basket or book stand (pictured above and sold by Chatbooks) for her to display her collection. Visit their site here and use promo code CARRIEHIGGINS-Z3LF to get $10 off your first order!

3. For the Tea Drinker

Treat your tea drinker to a new acrylic organizer. I love how sophisticated and functional this one is from Amazon. As an added bonus, it has a lid and can be stacked. Now your mom can easily find the tea bag she is looking for. Personalize this option with some new tea flavors to try and give it to her fully stocked and ready to enjoy.

4. Summer Caddy

With summer almost here, your mom is going to need a way to transport and organize all the sunscreen, bug spray, chap stick and hair ties… I have scoured the internet and this is probably the most functional tote – not only does it roll and save space, but you can organize each item into individual AND removable compartments. You heard me right. Just want to take the pouch of bug spray for that evening baseball game, you got it!! Can be removed and used solo. This is a must have for any mom headed to the pool or the park with her sweet babes in tow. Personalize this gift with cute hair ties, a small brush, sunscreen and lip plumping lip balm.This is another gift you could really have fun with. Shop this one on Amazon.

5. Travel Totes by TRUFFLE

These are pretty wonderful travel bags. Made from durable materials and with ultra chic design, your mom will love this gift! These pouches and totes are really designed to hold anything and everything. I promise, you can not go wrong with this gift - personalize this with a planned vacation somewhere special or filled with her favorite cosmetics. Shop TRUFFLE here.

6. Gym or Pool Bag

I love these super functional "Crush it" bags from Stella & Dot. Meant for the gym or the pool, they come in three different fabric options and two silhouettes (shoulder bag or backpack). For added function, the bottom zippered compartment has a waterproof, wipe-able liner perfect for wet suits or gym shoes! There is also an added pocket in the inside of the shoulder bag perfect for her water bottle and the backpack has yoga mat straps on the bottom perfect for those moms going to yoga or Pilates classes. For added function, throw in the rolled tote from #4 or the cute travel accessories from #5 and her summer is set! Shop the shoulder bag here and the backpack here.

7. Jewelry Organizer and Travel Totes

Get your mom’s jewelry organized and beautifully displayed in these luxurious stackable jewelry boxes. With so many combinations and options (including drawer inserts and travel totes) your mom will love picking out the perfect jewelry pieces to finish off her look. Shop all items at The Container Store here.

8. Upgrade Closet Organization with Coordinating Hangers

What woman doesn't want an amazing looking closet??? Matching hangers are so often over looked when organizing a closet because it's seen as a "splurge" purchase... because of this, your mom will love this upgrade, I promise! I love these non-slip hangers from Amazon. They have a very thin silhouette and prevent clothes - even silk - from slipping. The design makes it easier to get on shirts without stretching the neck AND because the non-slip design does not incorporate felt, it will be easier for clothes to be removed without stretching or damage. Get matching trouser hangers for pants, shorts and skirts and you are set! I love these two white options. Very clean and classic. Shop hangers here and trouser hangers here, both from Amazon.

9. For the Cook - Matching Spice Jars

I absolutely LOVE these spice jars. If the Mom you are shopping for doesn't have matching jars, this is an upgrade to her kitchen organization that she will love, too!! This kit from Amazon has everything you will need (minus the actual spices of course) - including the labels! Love, love, love! Shop this item here.

Amazon and Chatbook links used in this blog are Affiliate Links. When you purchase items using these links, The Space Defined, LLC receives a small commission. We greatly appreciate it when you choose to use our links to buy products and we aim to be upfront about products we receive compensation for.

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