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Father's Day Gift Guide to Organized 2020

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Father's Day is NEXT WEEK and I know we sometimes scramble at the last minute to put together gifts - For me procrastination happens because sometimes I'm just not sure what to buy. To get you going, I’ve put together a list of gift ideas that not only check the box on organization, but also highlight the hobbies or interests your dad might have. With not much time to spare, let’s get shopping!


These are a sure favorite for EVERY dad - so easy to use, just download the app and upload your cell phone pictures and the company prints and mails you a beautifully done picture book. I am not the best photographer and I can attest that the edit feature and quality of the final product is fantastic. Why keep your beautiful pics hidden on your phone?? We all know Moms are the best family photographers - get those pictures off your phone and neatly organized for the dad in your life to enjoy. Click Chatbooks link above for referral discount.

Desk Valet

Has the dad in your life suddenly found himself working from home? Help give his desk (or makeshift desk) some organization and better function. This desk valet has charging capabilities and can hold files and documents in place of the iPad.

Eyeglass Valet

Give your sunglasses a home, and they won't get bent, scratched or lost. I love this organizer because it can easily fit in a drawer allowing for easy retrieval and placement - click here to shop as pictured or if you prefer a lidded organizer for counter-top display, follow this link.

Watch Valet

Just like the eyeglass valet, this holder helps protect your dad's watches from damages and getting lost. Personalize this gift with a new watch inside.

BBQ Caddy

I LOVE this caddy. With so much room and functionality, the grill master in your family will have all.the.things. needed while grilling out - no more running back and forth for supplies, condiments, or beers.

Golf Beer Caddy

Have a golfer in your life? This might be just the ticket for those hot days on the course. This can hold 6 cans or two bottles of wine - I can already see that this will come in handy for BBQ's and driveway socials (the distancing kind).

Weight Rack

Is the dad in your life needing a "rage cage" upgrade? This rack makes it easy to pick the right weight without moving other plates out of the way - not to mention it doesn't take up much room and can be moved on wheels. We have this and it's worked great.

Tool Bucket Caddy

This is another product we have and use and love. It's not your traditional tool box, but has great functionality and can hold a ton of tools - your only problem may be making it too heavy to carry! Personalize this gift a little more by adding some new or needed tools on your dad's wish list.

Garden Caddy on Wheels

This is a great gift for the avid gardener in your life. The wheels make this super easy to pull across the lawn and cuts down on trips to the shed. An added bonus, there is a place for all of your yard manicuring tools so no more looking for what you need.

Tech Charging Dock

Do you find your family fighting over charging devices?? Ever set your phone down and lose it for awhile? Have you gone to get your iPad only to find it's dead with no charge? I LOVE this docking station. No more fighting for plugs and space and now your device has a home when you aren't using it and there is no excuse for low battery power.

Gaming Storage Ottoman

We don't have any gaming devices (yet) but I can only imagine the organizational nightmare of trying to keep all the controllers and games organized and accessible. This ottoman comes in a double size for increased space and can be used as a stool to sit on. That added function of this piece gets two thumbs up for sure!

Amazon and Chatbook links used in this blog are Affiliate Links. When you purchase items using these links, The Space Defined, LLC receives a small commission. We greatly appreciate it when you choose to use our links to buy products and we aim to be upfront about products we receive compensation for.

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